Hunter Dickinson Inc (HDI) strives to provide an enjoyable and enriching working environment for all employees. We aim for excellence in all aspects of relations between management and employees and the following outlines HDI's approach in regards to:
- Diversity
- Compensation
- Professional Development, and 
- Privacy

We look forward to your application to join the TEAM and your future contribution to our ongoing success.
Our people are our number one resource and we are dedicated to the ongoing support & protection of their rights. We commit to ensuring that our TEAM reflects the diverse population it serves, and that the working environment fosters a mutual respect of people's dignity, ideas and beliefs. HDI is an equal opportunity employer committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory diverse environment, we strive to ensure that our activities overcome any impediments or barriers to full and free participation in the economic, social, political and cultural life within British Columbia, as well as in our operations globally.
ALL IN A DAY'S WORK | Compensation
HDI is committed to attracting and retaining individuals who are capable of exceptional performance and dedication. We know that our employees are essential to our current and future success, the Company endeavours to reward employees for the value of their accomplishments and seeks to increase commitment and encourage personal and professional growth in employees.

As an employer we believe that it is in the best interest of both the organization and our employees to fairly compensate our workforce for the value of the work provided. It is our intention to use a compensation system that will determine the current market value of a position based on the skills, knowledge and behaviors required of a fully competent incumbent. Our system is objective and non-discriminatory in theory, application and practice.

HDI has established a flexible and competitive compensation mix that reinforces our mission and values. The Company chooses to emphasize the components of its compensation mix to ensure that all employees understand and appreciate the various elements that play a role in HDI's efforts in achieving the above purpose. HDI's compensation mix targets to deliver:
- Market competitive base salaries;
- Increased emphasis on Long Term Incentives;
- In exceptional circumstances discretionary short-term bonuses;
- A competitive & flexible Group HealthCare/Benefits Plan; and,
- Various other supplementary short and long term employee benefits, eg;
        - discounted membership/entertainment opportunities,
        - leave benefits above statutory requirements,
        - support of professional development activities


ALL IN YOUR HEAD | Professional Development
We aim to provide a supportive environment which encourages all employees to pursue their professional goals. On the job training, continuous personal development and lifelong learning are principles strongly valued by the Company and we encourage employees to be on the lookout for innovative ways to facilitate their career advancement with us. The Company endeavours to support professional development opportunities and the level of support and conditions surrounding individual applications will be based on the Company's Professional Development guidelines.


We are committed to ensuring the privacy and secure storage of personal information for all perspective employees, contractors and affiliated persons in accordance with British Columbia's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). We assume the responsibility to collect only the most relevant information for recruitment and employment needs, as well as regulate how this information is used, by whom, and the appropriate channels to report any complaints or violations to this policy. We also commit to conducting regular internal reviews, to ensure that we continue to gather and retain only the most up to date and relevant information.